Historic Congressional Briefing


This April 21, 2016 Congressional briefing was sponsored by the National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC), and the Transformative Justice Coalition (TJC). The briefing inspired the forming of a new Congressional Voting Rights Caucus.


We are pleased to report a standing room only crowd in a House Judiciary Committee hearing room on April 21st, as nine members of Congress and two hundred activists and Congressional staff gathered for a historic briefing on the most pressing issues of 2016; voter suppression and manipulation of US elections. 

This urgent and timely Congressional briefing exposed state voter suppression laws and practices that could stop approximately 1.3 million Americans from voting in competitive states. Thirty-two states have promulgated new Jim Crow laws to combat the largely mythical "voter fraud." Sixteen of these states will see their plans go into effect for the crucial 2016 elections. 

These include, but are not limited to, proof of citizenship, strict photo ID requirements, early voting cutbacks, and practices that create extreme waiting lines.

This is happening predominantly in precincts with a large presence of African Americans, Hispanics, and university students.

Additionally speakers addressed the crisis of our aging, privately controlled voting machines and insecure vote-counting technology that pose serious questions about vulnerability and accuracy of our election results.




“There is a very insidious, treacherous and deceitful method of voter suppression, and I would be remiss if I did not tell you about it. It has to do with the integrity of the voting process itself.”
-- Representative Hank Johnson


"I want you to know that I like the diversity of the color of the make up of this room. We have white brothers and sisters, we have African Americans, we have Hispanics now concerned about this. . .  Are we motived to go out and do even more than we were going to do before?"
- Representative John Conyers



Rep. John Conyers
Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee
Rep. Maxine Waters
Rep. Alma Adams
Rep. Terri Sewell
Rep. Marc Veasey
Rep. G.K. Butterfield
Rep. Elija Cummings
Rep. Hank Johnson

Rev. William Barber
Executive Director, N.C. NAACP
Leader, Moral Monday Movement

Barbara R. Arnwine
Transformative Justice Coalition

Former Executive Director, Lawyers’ 
Committee For Civil Rights Under Law

Robert J. Fitrakis, PhD
Professor, Columbus State College
Election Defense Expert

Ari Berman
Contributing Writer, Nation Magazine
Voting Rights Expert

Lindsey Nielson, PhD
University of California, San Diego
Author of the recent UCSD Report  
How Voter Suppression Laws
Are Restricting the Vote in
Communities of Color



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