About Us

The National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC) has been organizing since 2012 to protect American voting systems from manipulation and establish electoral integrity. Our goal is to build a trans-partisan movement for systemic reform of U.S. elections, to develop consistent voting technology and methodology, and to ensure the fairness of our democratic process.

The NEDC has formed strategic alliances and actions with activists from different ends of the political spectrum, working to safeguard the democratic institutions that are the basis of our republic.

This includes promoting, funding and co-sponsoring a series of Congressional briefings, Town Hall Meetings, university symposiums and media campaigns on the issues of election integrity, while helping Congress to introduce legislation for democratic reform. 

We bring together veteran congressional staffers, leading computer scientists, elections administrators, and seasoned political organizers to design and implement strategies for election reform. 


OUR community brings together organizations, activists, citizens, and government.

Our strategy is to build state and national TRANS-PARTISAN networks for reform.

Our inspiration is the history of successful people's movements FOR DEMOCRACY in America.

National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC) is a project of Psephos Inc, a 501(c)(3).