Petition To Members of Congress and State Voting Officials:

We urge Congress and state elections officials take steps necessary to restore basic integrity to our voting systems. Increasingly, trust in the system is declining, and the voting machines themselves are aging and becoming more vulnerable.



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House Bill Would Force Paper Ballots, Prevent Election Systems from Connecting to Internet

House Dem Unveils Election Hacking Bill

Proposed cybersecurity bills would 'prohibit' internet-connected voting systems

Representative John Lewis Calls for Federal Protection at Polling Places

US lawmaker proposes new legislation to protect voting systems from hackers


Voting Rights Experts Debrief on First Presidential Election after the Shelby SCOTUS Decision

On November 16, 2016, the Congressional Voting Rights Caucus’ hosted a briefing to discuss the effects of voter suppression tactics during the most recent post-Shelby election and how Congress must work together to ensure the full participation of eligible voters moving forward.

Participants included Reverend Dr. William Barber, President, North Carolina NAACP; Maria Urbina, Vice President of Politics and Campaigns, Voto Latino; Ari Berman, Writer and Author, The Nation; Barbara Arnwine, Esq., President and Founder, Transformative Justice Coalition; Ben Ptashnik, Executive Director, National Election Defense Coalition and Symone Sanders, Democratic Strategist and CNN Political Commentator.

Congress and Activists Mobilize to Fight Voter Suppression

In May, 2016, the NEDC worked with Congress members to organize a new Voting Rights Caucus, the first official congressional organization devoted to the cause of defending electoral democracy. 

Now 71 Representatives strong, the caucus is made up predominately of members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus and the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

The Voting Rights Alliance was generated to support the Caucus. The VRA is a growing network of organizations, activists, and legislators working to restore and protect voting rights from concerted attacks that undermine our access to the polls, and to have our votes fairly counted. 

On June 23, Voting Rights Alliance members from across the country came to DC for a rally and press conference. 

At the same time thousands of callers flooded the Congressional Switchboard, demanding the House Speaker and Judiciary Committee Chairs hold hearings on the Voting Rights Act. 

That day, the Alliance also held a Twitter town hall and a Twitter storm using the hashtag #ProtestShelby2016. The social media conversation included thousands of participants helping to launch a national campaign to push for the Voting Rights Advancement Act’s remedial legislation needed to restore voting rights, and to build a resistance movement to voter suppression.

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