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ABOUT THE National Election Defense Coalition

The NEDC is the only organization building a bipartisan national movement to secure elections technology. We bring together experts in cybersecurity and elections administration, policymakers, NGOs and concerned citizens to build consensus on a comprehensive, cost-effective plan to secure the vote in coming elections.

At a time of extreme partisan polarization, we believe that the issue of election security is a rare area of agreement.  Key constituencies include civil rights advocates, Libertarians, national security conservatives and the tech community.

Our partners range from trusted research institutions to leading advocacy organizations, and from progressive public interest group to conservative national security organizations, including:

The Brennan Center for Justice


Public Citizen

Free Speech for People

Oset Institute

Americans for Tax Reform

The London Center for Policy Research

Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

R Street

The Center on National Security at Fordham Law School

Project on Government Oversight

Protect Democracy

Verified Voting

Common Cause


Susan Greenhalgh is Vice President for Programs at National Election Defense Coalition. Susan performs extensive research, assembling and reviewing documents that may influence and impact state and federal policy regarding election verifiability and security. She also works with cyber security experts and advisors on the federal level to bridge the gap between national cyber security policy and election administration. Susan has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont in chemistry.

Justin Talbot-Zorn is NEDC Election Integrity Senior Legislative and Policy Advisor. Justin Zorn is a former Legislative Director to three Democrats in Congress. He is a Truman National Security Fellow and a regular contributor to the Washington Post, Atlantic, The Guardian, Harvard Business Review, Time, Huffington Post, CNN.com and Wire. He earned two graduate degrees focusing on international relations, political communications, and public policy at Oxford University and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

Michael Ostrolenk is the Senior Cyber Security Advisor to the NEDC. He is a Libertarian leader and policymaker with a track record of building successful left-right coalitions in fields ranging from healthcare to the Pentagon budget.

Kevin Skoglund is a Senior Technical Advisor to the NEDC with extensive experience in software development, cybersecurity, and election systems. He is a founding member of Citizens for Better Elections, a nonpartisan group advocating for resilient, evidence-based elections in Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Election Verification Network and serves on the Cybersecurity Working Group for the NIST Voluntary Voting System Guidelines, an EAC advisory group which is setting the cybersecurity standards for the next generation of voting machines.

Ben Ptashnik is Executive Director of NEDC. He is a former Vermont State Senator and political activist who sponsored and passed Vermont's Clean Elections Act; reform aimed at reducing the influence of Money in Politics and creating Public Funding of elections for state-wide offices. He served in the Vermont Senate as Vice-chair of the Health and Welfare Committee, and on Government Operations, Commerce and Agriculture. 

Victoria Collier is Communications Director, web master and grant writer for NEDC. She is a writer and researcher on election security issues, and author of the 2012 Harper’s Magazine cover story “How to Rig an Election.”


Alex Halderman – Professor of Computer Science at the University of Michigan and expert witness on cybersecurity and elections for the US Senate Intelligence Committee.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret.) – Prominent national security and intelligence analyst, Fox News contributor, Vice President of the London Center for Policy Research.

Dr. Virginia Martin - County Election Commissioner, Columbia County, New York. Since the introduction of optical scanners in 2010, she and her Republican counterpart have conducted full hand counts of paper ballots in every election. They have developed an efficient, prompt, cost-effective, and fully secure bipartisan process that welcomes public oversight.  

Jason Smith, Election Integrity advocate, Director of documentary I Voted?


Ben Ptashnik, Chairman, Founder

Victoria Collier, Secretary, Founder

Jan BenDor - Founding member of the Michigan Election Reform Alliance (MERA), Michigan statewide coordinator. 

Reverend Rodney Sadler - Associate Professor of Bible at Union Presbyterian Seminary, associate pastor of Mount Carmel Baptist Church, and member of the Executive Committee of the North Carolina NAACP.

Nancy Price - Co-chair, Alliance for Democracy, Move to Amend National Leadership Team

Jeff Wolfe - Chairman of groSolar, the Distributed Generation Division of the Solar Energy Industries Association, member of the Union of Concerned Scientists National Advisory Board.

National Election Defense Coalition (NEDC) is a project of Psephos Inc, a 501(c)(3).