"Those of us who seek to defend democracy have to be every bit as ambitious, and every bit as holistic, as those who are seeking to dismantle it."

- Mike McCabe, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign


National Democracy Convention

In 2013 the NEDC organized the Representative Democracy branch of the National Democracy Convention in Madison, WI. Speakers including Greg Palast, Jill Stein, Cindy Sheehan, and Mike McCabe discussed the multi-pronged attacks on democracy, and the need for a holistic response.

Justice Action Mobilization Network

In 2014-2015 we were integral in launching the Justice Action Mobilization Network (JAMN), after bringing together national leaders from the social, democracy, environment and climate justice movements in a historic conference at the University of the District of Columbia in May, 2015.

JAMN is building a powerful multi-racial, multi-faith fusion network to mitigate climate chaos, end poverty, defend democracy and voting rights, and transform society toward justice and sustainability.

National & STATE Election DEFENSE and Voter Access Task ForceS

In 2015 we formed alliances with Civil Rights and Voting Rights activists and organizations to promote a Election Defense and Voter Access Task Forces.

The goal is to build a bi-partisan systemic reform of U.S. elections; to standardize voter access, create transparency, and develop consistent voting and elections technology and methodology, ensuring the integrity of our democratic election process.

The Election Defense and Voter Access Task Forces are the working groups building a multi-racial national network and state coalitions that have the requisite political and strategic unity to investigate local elections; to propose and help pass election integrity and voter access laws in Congress, State General Assemblies, counties and municipalities.