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Developing and advancing bipartisan federal election integrity legislation

Through a team of seasoned Republican and Democratic legislative and media consultants as well as high-level policy advisers and outside allies, NEDC is working to design compelling and comprehensive election security reform legislation and to cultivate support across the political spectrum for legislative action.  NEDC is strengthening partnerships with key Congressional offices, publishing op-eds in relevant publications to establish credibility with diverse stakeholders, and leveraging the release of the expert sign-on letter and activist campaigns toward legislative action.

Supporting the election integrity movement in state legislatures

NEDC will leverage federal legislative activities to create and disseminate model bills for state legislators across the country.  NEDC will also connect state legislators with experts for testimony and develop advocacy tools for enabling the passage of reform measures.

Building the national grassroots movement for election security reform

NEDC is identifying a set of initial target states—including North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida—in which to implement a strategy of training citizen leaders, disseminating election administration best practices, sharing communications tools, and promoting policy reform templates. NEDC will host one or more in-person two-to-three day conferences for sharing ideas and ensuring that advocates are empowered with the tools and connections to succeed in driving reform. 

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