NEW HAMPSHIRE | 2008 | Presidential Primary

Did Hillary Clinton Benefit from Electronic Rigging against Barack Obama?

Polling discrepancies, gaps between hand and electronic counts, and the fraudulent Diebold technology used in New Hampshire all point to a violation of election integrity.


  • Polling Discrepancies: Pre-election polls showed Barack Obama with a major lead in New Hampshire. The polls were accurate for other Democratic candidates and the Republican race.
  • Statistical Evidence: Ballot scanners favored Hillary Clinton by 4.25 percent, while hand-counted ballots favored Barack Obama by 6.03 percent.
  • Strategic Target: New Hampshire's early primary is a target for election fraud because of its influence on candidate momentum.
  • Fraudulent Technology: Diebold ballot scanners have a jaw-dropping set of hackable vulnerabilities built in.
  • Corrupt Contractor: One corrupt company provides chain of custody for the hackable memory cards that are used to program Diebold ballot scanners.
  • Election Defense: Many watchful citizen groups noticed discrepancies in the New Hampshire tallies, including lost votes for Ron Paul.

Polling Discrepancies

Election Day Results Completely Flipped to Clinton Compared to the Pre-Election Polls

Pre-election polls predicted a decisive victory for Barack Obama, yet the Election Day results in New Hampshire were completely flipped to Hillary Clinton.

An average calculated by Real Clear Politics showed Barack Obama winning by 8.3 percent, a difference of nearly 11 percent compared to Hillary Clinton's final result.

Internal polls at both campaigns predicted a double-digit victory for Obama. Although commentators speculated that a tearful campaign moment by Hillary Clinton garnered her some eleventh-hour support among women, Brad Friedman reported that in fact late-deciders leaned toward Obama. Exit polls conducted for Hardball with Chris Matthews also gave Obama the lead.

The pre-election polls conducted by Zogby were very accurate for the other Democratic candidates, as seen when the poll numbers are placed side-by-side with the official election results as reported by the New York Times.

It is simply unprecedented for so many polls to have been so wrong.
— Gary Langer, polling director, ABC News

Statistical Evidence

Significant Vote Shift Between Electronic and Hand-Counted Votes

Ballot scanners used in New Hampshire reported a 4.25 percent difference favoring Hillary Clinton while hand-counted paper ballots favored Barack Obama by 6.03 percent. Hand Count vs. Electronic Count discrepancies were negligible for all other Democratic candidates.

Fraudulent Technology

Diebold Optical Scanners Have Hackable Vulnerabilities Built In

The Diebold ballot scanners in use in New Hampshire were built with a jaw-dropping set of security vulnerabilities:

  • Hackable Memory Cards: Removable memory cards containing executable files are used to program every election. The vote data on these cards can be altered.
  • Paper Trail Falsification: Fake reports can be printed to facilitate matching the optical scan report to the central tabulator report.
  • Preloaded Votes: It is possible to load votes in advance and hide the fact.
  • Resetting to Zero: A prearranged integer overflow can also be hidden. One candidate can be given X votes (a small number), while another is given the overflow (a large number) minus X. When the overflow is reached, the counter starts over at zero for that candidate, resulting in a built-in vote differential between the two.
  • Conditional Programming: Actions can be programmed based on time/date, number of votes counted, and many other hidden triggers.
  • Sleeper Attacks: Because Diebold's proprietary programming language is aware of the election definitions and structure, attacks can be prepared months ahead of time, before the candidates and ballot design have even been decided.

There is no way to verify that
the certified or even standard functionality is
maintained from one voting machine to the next.
— Harri Hursti

Corrupt Contractor

One Secretive Company Supplies Chain of Custody for the Voting Machine Memory Cards

LHS Associates, the private company that programs, distributes, and services the Diebold voting machines in New Hampshire, is known to employ criminals and routinely break election law.

LHS handles chain of custody for the removable, programmable memory cards that are so vulnerable to attack from outsiders—and insiders.

It takes no stretch of the imagination to see how even a small bribe could give someone access to voting machine manipulation.

Such an alleged election fraud could be accomplished by only a single, highly clever computer programmer with access to voting machine software updates.
— Francois Choquette and James Johnson

Hand-Count Problems

Ron Paul Votes omitted from Final Tally Sheet in Sutton Township

Thirty-one Ron Paul votes were almost lost when a clerk in Sutton transferred votes to a summary sheet and sent the tally out to the media with zero votes listed for Paul.

Watchful election defenders noticed the discrepancy and the clerk was forced to admit "human error."

As Bev Harris of Black Box Voting commented at the time, "The classic method for rigging a hand count is to write the wrong number on the form."