Judy Alter

Professor Emeritus, UCLA

Jan BenDor

Statewide Coordinator
Michigan Election Reform Alliance

Paul Burns

Executive Director
Vermont Public Interest Research Group

Sally Castleman

Co-founder, Election Defense Alliance

Tom Courbat

Veteran, Founder, Save R Vote

Johnny Dwork

Election Integrity Committee Facilitator
Threshold Foundation

Robert Fitrakis

Founder, Columbus Free Press

Mimi Kennedy

Actress, National Advisory Board Chair, Progressive Democrats of America

Virginia Martin

Democratic Elections Commissioner, Columbia County, NY

Mark Crispin Miller

Professor, New York University

Mike McCabe

Founder and President, Blue Jean Nation

Nancy Price

National Co-chair, Alliance for Democracy; National Leadership Team, Move to Amend

Phil Shepard

Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University; Michigan Election Reform Alliance

Jonathan Simon

Co-founder, Election Defense Alliance, Author of Code Red

Jim Soper