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You will make a difference, whether you work alone, hook up with existing election protection groups, or form a working group within another organization.
— Black Box Voting Citizen Toolkit


Adapted with thanks from the original 2008 information by the Election Defense Alliance.

This Protect the Count video series contains important information every citizen needs to take initiative to protect the count. Actions vary according to the counting system used in your location.

1. View the Protect the Count videos on this page and choose the action that best matches the voting system used in your locale. 2. Then read and download the complete Protect the Count action descriptions and instructions here:

Action 1. Video the Precinct Tally Tapes (4 min)

This action applies to most locations in America, and is the most important thing you can do to Protect the Count. 

The printed poll tally tapes show the voting machine vote totals BEFORE they leave the polling place. If citizens record the tally tapes as shown in this video, it will kick the legs out from under man-in-the-middle server substitution attacks.

This video moves a mile-a-minute, so be prepared to hit the "pause" button for a closer look. This Precinct Poll Tape action takes 90 minutes on Election Night. Go to your local polling place and make a video record of the precinct tally tapes posted on the poll doors at close of election. 

If you live anywhere in America that has polling place results tapes, please also watch video # 3 (below) which shows what to look for to identify tampered poll tapes and the kinds of small errors on tapes that can appear with memory card tampering. Continue reading for Parts 2, 3, and 4 of the Protect the Count self-directed election monitoring plan.

Action 2. Protect the Count: Absentee/Central Count Ballots (8 min)

This action applies to 13 states with centrally counted ballots and/or heavy absentee voting). These are the most challenging Protect the Count locations. 

Heads up - this applies to key swing states Ohio, Florida and Colorado, and to almost all of Southern California, all of Oregon and Washington, and many other states. Shows what citizens and election workers can do to help protect vulnerable absentee and centrally counted ballots. Very difficult to protect.

Action 3. Protect the Count: New England/New Hampshire (5 min)

Exactly what to do on Election Night and the day after if you live anywhere in New England. Contains footage that has never before been made public.

The actions in the Protect the Count series are self-serve, simple to do, and designed for just grabbing a neighbor or a buddy and taking action.

Don't worry about blanketing every area or organizing the whole state. Just pick a place and DO it.

I guarantee it will be a fascinating and important experience, and could provide THE crucial evidence in the very undesirable event that the election turns out not to be fair. 
-- Bev Harris Founder - Black Box Voting

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